Chocolate experience with group 'Time Of Transition'

For the fifth time we had the pleasure to join the group of our friend Bernhard Guenther - 'Time Of Transition.'  Sacharuna Adventure brings the Chocolate Experience - our sacred cacao route in Chazuta.

The cacao experience is always very sacred for our visitors.   We understand the importance to reconnect with our Amazonian sacred ancestral culture.

River Huallaga boat ride - generally the favorite part of our chocolate experience for our visitors. As we prepare to move from the port of Chazuta to the Island of Shilcayo. On this occasion we visited a hidden island to see a cacao farm.

Going by boat through the Huallaga Valley is something indescribable.  Passing native communities, appreciating beautiful landscapes - full of life and different shades of green. Keeps all the passengers very happy.

When we arrived at our destination - the hidden island.  We met with the Chujandama family who gave the group a coconut each - for refreshment.

We walked around the farm, seeing nati…

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