Chazuta - Magic and Nature on Huallaga Valley

District of San Martin province located at 41 kilometres from Tarapoto city. It is the entrance to the lower Huallaga and in the center of two conservation areas: The Cordillera Azul National Park and the Cerro Escalera Regional Conservation area.

Elgiva Tenazoa- medicine woman and guide

History and Tradition

Chazuta a quechua word derives from the ethnic group that settled in the left bank of the Huallaga River during the XV to XVIII centuries, from its origins till the present day the Chazuta people speak Quechua. They preserve their rich cultural expressions in their ceramic work and dances-the Shitareo one of its most representative.

Photo Suzanne Hutton and Samantha Taylor

Visit the Chazuta Cultural Centre where we can see artisans developing their work, also we can visit the Ecological Paper Mill - Artisanal Courses

Photo Suzanne Hutton and Samantha Taylor

Visit the women's association Chazuta Cocoa producing "Mishki Cacao" where you can see the interesting process of making chocolate. Chocolate Route

Photo Suzanne Hutton and Samantha Taylor

'I have never had chocolate until my visit to Mishky Cacao. It's not bitter like high percentage chocolate I had tasted in the past and was delicious. If you are a chocolate lover put the experience on your book it list! The chocolate makers even sang us a song at the end of our lesson about their business and their product. They were beautiful people who made a beautiful product.'

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Cacao Island -Photo Daniel Lerner