Festivals and Festivities


Corpus Christi - Spring
 The Corpus Christi celebration begins on the Thursday following the ninth Sunday after the first full moon of spring, in the northern hemisphere.
Lamas is a city with strong traditions and religious customs the feast of Corpus Christi is a celebration that brings the whole of the population of Lamas together.   Many people from the region and nearby city of Tarapoto also come to partake in this great food fair that takes place.

Carnival of Lamas-Febuary
The Lamas Carnival is a pagan festival usually happening on Sundays, celebrated by gangs of costumed dancers parading in the streets of the town, accompanied by a typical band and a crowd of companions young and old, carrying balloons , buckets and water pistols , wetting all the people on their path .


 Santa Rosa Raymi- August 30th
Since 1983 in the Town Centers Community ‘Kechua Wayku ,’  there is a celebration of the pagan religious festival.  More than 200 native Quecha communities take part in this festival.  Early on, the native women are responsible for preparing the chicken broth to invite family, friends , and all who come to the neighborhood Wayku .  After that the hunters carry stuffed animals and the women in their colorful costumes start dancing to traditional music . Then the shift is young people who join the party with a tireless , endless dancing, walking by the streets of the various native Wayku , bringing joy and inviting visitors to be part of this party. 

Easter in Lamas is held with the active participation of the people and from very early on becomes a party, with the performance of various religious activities such as the procession of Jesus of Nazareth.


The ‘Holy Cross of Motilones’  patron saint of the city of Tarapoto –July 16th
The history of this festival dates back to pre-Columbian times when Tarapoto was inhabited by the Motilones of Lamas.
The Motilones Indians (skulls or skinhead ) were subjected to order and obedience by the Incas and the Spanish. The unwavering spirit of this tribe was reluctant at first to accept a new culture and a new religion but ‘Engorzada Cross Of Fine Jasper’, illuminated the minds of the people and slowly the Motilones was crashing and their hearts changing, one by one they were joining the religion, despite the violent rejection of their leaders who saw their power and control decrease.
At last the Motilones triumphed over fighting for their freedom and independence of religion and race.  All eventually bowed in reverence to the Motilones one July 16th and since then year after year this festival continues to honor the Motilones Indians.
Held in the Plaza de Armas there will be a parades and  Musical shows.

San Roque De Cumbaza
San Juan- June 24th
San Juan is one of the biggest festivals in the region as the entire population of the Peruvian jungle celebrates together.  The general idea of this festival is for families to get together for a day by the river with their picnics of " Juane, " which has a special preparation which usually consists of rice , egg , olives, sacha coriander and chicken from the farm , wrapped in banana leaves which gives the Juane its distinctive flavor.   San Martin will be overflowing with joy everywhere, laughter, music, dancing, exotic drinks, all is part of the feast of San Juan. These are days of reflection but also of revelry and merriment that inspire feelings of brotherhood and unity among the children. The festivities start June 23rd  where everyone is invited into the houses, where the preparing of juane takes place for the next day.   San Roque De Cumbaza is the perfect place to celebrate this day by cleansing in the river Cumbaza and eating the local Juane.