San Roque De Cumbaza

The district of San Roque de Cumbaza is located in the Province of Lamas, San Martin region at 356 meters above sea level, seated in the buffer zone area 'Cordillera Escalera' Regional Conservation. It is a forty five minute drive from the city of Tarapoto. Forty one percent of its population is made up of native Quechua Lamistas.

The town of San Roque originated in the middle of the seventeenth century when descendants of the Lamista people came in search of food, motivated by the abundant hunting and fishing in the river especially Cumbaza.

River Cumbaza, photo: Dagmar Binder-Germany

Vineyard in Aucaloma, photo Megan Walsh

Places to swim and relax in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza

The Pampa
enjoy your vacation on the banks of the River Cumbaza a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the cool crystal clear waters.

'The Pampa' also has a  camping area, sport slab, soccer field, restrooms and family recreation area.

The Monzona is a natural pool formed by the erosion of the river and has a depth of 8 meters, a place where children can learn to swim and dive.

La Isla del Amor
- the Island of Love is a small island with a sandy beach where there is a pool of approximately five meters deep, a private place to be alone with a loved one.

Mishquiyacu waterfall- this small waterfall called Mishquiyacu a name that was made by ancient people for being a Agua Rica, where you can swim or just cool off.

The Monzona-Photo by Zoe Wiles

Enjoy your stay in the Alberge hostel bungalows a great place to relax in comfort after a Sacharuna Adventure with friends and family, surrounded by trees and the sound of the river.

Photo by Regan O'Callaghan

Huacamaillo Falls

Visit Huacamaillo a very crystal clear waterfall that runs between dense vegetation. Only a short walk along the bed of the river Cumbaza, crossing over the river by foot up to 3 times to reach this beautiful waterfall which has a fall of 20 meters high ending in a well 2 meters in depth.

Photo: Javier Quintana B

Crossing the river to waterfall Huacamaillo

The Barken family crossing the river

Miradores Ecológico

A beautiful place that gives us breathtaking view of the Regional Conservation Area Cerro Escalera, perfect space to put your mind blank and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

They are located at 780 meters, it is a 45-minute walk to reach the Miradore a route for hikers, adventurers, scientists, families and students ready for vigorous exercise.

Photo Justyna Ziarek


A single block of solid stone, about 200 mts in length which carries the water to the waterfall Toroyacu.

Important point refueling drinkable water.

Photo Sorriso Adriao

Napo - Route Añaquiwi

Is one of the entrances to the protection area Cordillera Escalera you will see primary forest along the trek with ancient trees and will be surrounded by the bio diversity that thrives there. You will cross Anaquiwi creek which is a fresh clear water stream and visit an organic coffee farm where you will learn from the local people the process of organic farming then invited to a fresh cup of their special coffee.

The waterfall Toroyacu

At 1230m San Roque has a waterfall of 100 meters high located in a small ravine. Upon arrival you will hear the sound produced by its waters crashing into the pool as if the sky thundered before a heavy rain. This impressive waterfall has a magical atmosphere that has welcomed travellers from all over the world. A legend says that a bull was in charge of the waterfall and when a hunter approached the scene, the bull 'Bramaria' would create a rainstorm that would scare the hunter.

There is a small waterfall next to the main 100 meter drop where you can have a refreshing shower after your hike. It can take from four to six hours to reach these waterfalls, once you get there you will see that it was truly worth the hard work.

Swimming by the waterfall

Photo Macoy Vela

Villages in the district of San Roque De Cumbaza

Chunchiwi Lamista Native Community- descendants of the ancient Pokras chancas.

The women in the village are skilled in the preparation of clay bowls and cotton crafts called 'Chumbie weaving.' If you stay in the village before you hike to local destinations you can spend a few hours learning these ancient crafts.

Courses Artisanal

Megan Walsh- Photo Daniel Lerner

5 or 3 Day - Indulgence into Nature | ecotourism

Walking Holidays  - Family friendly vacation

San Roque De Cumbaza 

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  • Walk around the village of San Roque De Cumbaza.
  • Swimming and relaxing by the River Cumbaza. – there are many small beaches around and pools for swimming.
  • Ecological viewpoints, Anakiwi River and canopy Zip-Line 150 meter
  • Huacamaillo Waterfall (3-hour walk)
  • Ecolodge Chirapamanta - swimming and relaxing by the River Cumbaza.