Ecological Paper in Chazuta

Sacharuna offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from the indigenous artisans in the districts of Chazuta. Here you can learn how to make ecological paper from the banana tree.

Learn how to make paper in this workshop using the pulp of Banana trees, normally cut and wasted after the banana fruit is ready; coconut is also used. Making paper by hand is by no means an easy process; you can help with this physical process or just watch and learn. Once you have learnt the art of paper making you could have a go using organic materials found in your local environment.

With Carly Rosenthal (Artist from Colorado-U.S.A) and doña Gilma Shupingahua (Artist from Chazuta-Perù)

The Power of the Chazutinian women


Gilma Shupingahua cutting the trunk of the banana

Doña Gilma using the machete, and cutting the banana bark

Doña Gilma using the stone batan and grinding the banana pulp. Carly taking notes of the procedure

Carly moving the pulp of the banana while it is heated in the fire

Finished ecological paper 

Ecological women: Carly 

Paper making ladies - Rosental and doña Gilma Shupingahua

2 Day Trips – Chazuta – Chocolate Route – Courses in ecological paper, ceramics. and museums.

  • Learn how to make natural paper at a small artisanal ecological paper factory.
  • Traditional and regional foods at Rio Bosque Magico (vegetarian option)
  • Learn how to make a basic ceramic shape with a group of women of the Chazutino culture.
  • Overnight stay at ‘Joyce Bartra Cultural Center’
  • Walk through the cacao fields of (RBM) learn about Agroforestry and harvest the cacao using machetes (optional)
  • Learn about the process of making chocolate from the fruit to the final product. Taste the most amazing energetic cacao.
  • Visit archaeological museum and art gallery.