Experience our ancestral roots and Amazonian culture in the district of San Roque de Cumbaza.

June 18th 2018 -  Sacharuna Adventure received visitors from the 'Global Impact Fellowship Program (GIF) of Emzingo.' Over 30 students from different parts of the world.  Countries such as: U.S.A, France, Italy among others.
The objective of the visit was to experience the Quechua Lamista culture and its traditional pottery. Also to spend time with the community of San Roque de Cumbaza to know its gastronomy and agricultural production.

Our cultural experience:

  • In the morning we got together to watch the football game - Peru vs Denmark.  At Cultural Cafe SACH 'A CAFFE where we had the opportunity to eat delicious vegetarian regional dishes.
Coconut Ceviche

  • After having tasted a delicious and creative lunch.   We walked  to ecological artist community Sachaqa Centro De Arte (www.sachaqacentrodearte2.com.)  So the students could learn about  their artist in residency program - ceramics and painting, and see the artists in action.  The students had the opportunity to get to know the artists. Ask them questions - about how they arrived at Sachaqa and learn a little about their creative work.   Artists: Kirsten Perry - Australia, Marissa Castlehouse and Trina Brammah - UK and Nora Teichert -Germany.
  • Here we began the course of Traditional Ceramics with Petrona - belonging to the native Quechua community of Chunchiwi.
1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 marching through the streets of San Roque de Cumbaza

  • Artist Kirsten Perry a ceramist,  was developing her project to create a homemade clay ceramic kiln.  To fire her clay objects (medicinal perfume bottles)  inspired by her trip to visit the Chazutino and the Quechua Lamista ceramicists.  
Artisan oven made by Kirsten Perry

Artisan oven made by Kirsten Perry

  • Traditional Ceramic Workshop -In this workshop Petrona teaches traditional pottery.   Through her knowledge passed on from generation to generation.
Petrona teaching ceramics to the students from (GIF) of Emzingo.

  • After the cultural / artistic experience we visited the farm of Don Jorge Rengifo.   To see his crops, medicinal plants and various trees.  We learnt about Sangre De Grado 'Dragons Blood' which is a resin from a tree.  With medicinal properties such as anti-fungal and antiseptic.  The chocolate tree - cacao "Food of the Gods!" 
Sangre De Grado 'Dragons Blood' Tree

  • We were lucky enough to meet with Javier Quintana B – photographer and videomaker.  Also to watch his film documentary - “Hijos del Rio Luna”
View the trailer  “Hijos del Rio Luna”

At the end of the day we felt full of creativity and inspiration.   Provided by these enriching experiences: focusing on sustainability and sustainable lifestyles.   The connection with our environment and the surrounding jungle

Thank you very much 'Global Impact Fellowship Program (GIF) of Emzingo' - until the next time.